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  • 22 February 2023
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On Thursday, June 22, 2023, Drata will hold a one-day conference in San Francisco to discuss the current and future state of risk, compliance, and cybersecurity. The goal is to bring our community together, share expertise and experiences, and develop a program that can’t be experienced anywhere else.

Please read our guide before you submit a presentation idea.


This Year’s Theme: Accelerate

This year’s summit theme is Accelerate. All sessions will revolve around continuous compliance’s impact on accelerating trust, risk management, compliance, business goals, and revenue. If you have stories, experiences, use cases, or other creative ideas, we’ll have a room full of attendees ready to absorb your information.


Presentation Scope

Presentations will consist of 1-2 experts who will delve into a specific topic. Sessions will last a maximum of 50 minutes and loosely follow this format:

  1. Introductions and expert background [5 minutes max]

  2. Presentation [40 minutes max]

  3. Optional Q&A from attendees [10 minutes max]


Presentation Topic

When selecting a topic and creating the presentation, we are asking presenters to offer this as an exclusive first. You are welcome to use the materials after.



Drataverses will offer a program that educates, engages, and entertains attendees. Presenters should have a background in the subject as a practitioner and should not come off as a sales pitch. 



Our presentations may be recorded and made available on-demand after the conference. Sessions will not be live streamed. Please let us know if this is a concern for you.


Instructions for Submitting Your Presentation Idea

  1. Create an account on Secured (you’re already here)
  2. Swing back to the call for submissions area
  3. Select “Submit an Idea”
  4. Add in your title
  5. Add a description
    1. Please add in the theme/topic the presentation will cover
    2. Highlight who the presenter is including their name, title, organization
    3. Include 3 takeaways
    4. We’ll work with you to finalize the copy if selected
  6. Make sure the Category is “Call for Submissions”
  7. Hit “Create”
  8. Share with your team and network and ask for submission votes!


Our call for speakers is officially open, and will close on March 31, 2023. From there, our conference council will determine the final program for Drataverse, and we’ll be in touch within the first two weeks of April to let you know if your session has been selected or not.


Panel Ideas

  • How We Saved X Time Achieving ISO 27001
  • 8 Compliance Hacks Everyone Should Know
  • Zero Trust Best Practices for Beginners
  • 3 Ways to Streamline Security Questionnaires
  • 5 Trust Building Tactics Aligned with Risk and Compliance

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