Ask HyperComply's Kelli Wisuri Almost Anything (AMAA)

  • 15 September 2022
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Hello Secured community! We are excited to share our next AMAA is with one of the brains that powers HyperComply, Kelli Wisuri.

Are security reviews fun? No.

Are they necessary? Absolutely!

Does this process impact how quickly a deal or sale closes? Even more yes.

If you’ve ever wondered what it takes to streamline the security review process, in particular for security questionnaires, our next AMAA guest is here to answer your questions.

AMAAs or Ask Me Almost Anything is designed to connect you with thought leaders, cybersecurity and compliance experts, IT practitioners, DevOps pros, and other awesome people in our industry.

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About Our Guest, Kelli Wisuri

Kelli is the Head of Product for HyperComply. She is a product leader and engineer with 10 years of experience helping businesses work better.

Learn more about Kelli

5 replies

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Not so much a question about your product, but I am interested in learning about timing of questionnaires and how we should prepare for them.

Is it common for these to be sent even with something like a SOC 2 Type 2?

Is getting a questionnaire a potential indicator of where you are in a deal - say for example they may be evaluating another SaaS platform but have not said they are out of the running?

How much time would you say is saved by using AI Vs having a running list of questions and answers and updating it occasionally?

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Over the years I’ve worked with start-ups and enterprise companies (background in DoD). As a threat intelligence analyst, what is the best way to support due diligence efforts? I’ll occasionally get questions about the state of our security, but it’s not routine. 


When does it make sense to get a tool like this? We only get a handful of requests eac month.


What are the repercussions of providing an answer that the vendor doesn’t like? I have only been through this twice, and I never got feedback.

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I work for a small startup (6 people). We have a SaaS tool and I expect we may get these (security questions) in the future. Any advice for our small team as we don’t have an official security person--I’m IT and an engineer.