Community Question of the Week: This International Computer Security Day, How Do You Stay Secure?

  • 29 November 2022
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The world celebrates International Computer Security Day 🌍📱 this week on November 30th, and we couldn't be more be more excited here at Drata! With the growing number of potential threats online each year, it's imperative that we stay diligent in our efforts to protect ourselves from bad actors. 

So we ask you, Drata Community, how do you stay secure and proactive when it comes to potential threats? Comment below 👇🏼 for a chance to score some sweet Drata prizes! 🎁


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2 replies

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Love this question, because it applies to absolutely all of us. Outside of work, I have two email accounts. One I use for trusted contacts, the other is for signing up for things like reward programs. This helps reduce the spam and scams hitting my primary box. However, on the primary box, I still get the occasional phishing lure, so I always follow the path of never clicking links directly. 

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That’s a good one, Elliot. My personal email has been flooded with promotional emails lately, so that’s an easy smart tip to implement. 🤓 For me, it’s all about passwords and WiFi security. I gotta admit, before I learned how risky it was, I used to be extremely lazy with creating my passwords and even used a lot of public WiFi connections. Now some of the easiest ways I stay protected is by investing in my own hotspot when I travel, and adding extra symbols  and more variation to my passwords. 📱💻